The Wolfard Glassblowing Co.
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Wolfard Classic Lamp

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Classic Wolfard Oil Lamp

The Wolfard Oil Lamp has earned an international reputation for excellence in design and function. It has been included in the prestigious Whitney Museum of American Art exhibition "High Styles: Twentieth Century American Design," a review of outstanding examples of furniture, industrial design, and decorative objects.

The Wolfard Oil Lamp is hand-blown from borosilicate glass (known for its strength and clarity) using an exclusive "in-flame" glassblowing technique which requires higher temperatures than other art glass methods. This, in turn, requires a higher degree of skill by the glassblower to form the lamp while the glass remains workable.

Whether in your home or in a world class museum, Wolfard Lamps bring style and elegance to any room. All are beautifully hand-crafted and designed to be treasured for generations. They come in four sizes with the following dimensions:

Height             Width
6 inches          3 inches
9 inches          3 3/4 inches
12 inches        4 1/2 inches
15 inches        5 1/8 inches

Each lamp comes with a wickholder, two pieces of wick and a fillerspout.


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